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Sponsorship is a relationship game. It is not transactional. It’s all about building trust.


Sponsor acquisition

At Flash we don’t focus on the number of clients we have, but rather on the number of deals we do for our clients. We match rightsholders and brands to create value for both parties.


Rights management

Our client management and relationship process doesn’t end once a partner is on board. Flash continues to work closely with brands and rightsholders to ensure that all contractual rights are delivered and measured.

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Sponsorship valuation

Flash has developed an in-house sponsorship valuation methodology which allows us to determine the Return on Investment for any Sponsorship, allowing brands to compare opportunities against their objectives and as part of their measurement of their Return on Objectives.


Sponsorship rights audit

Flash is able to offer brands and rightsholders an in-depth rights audit. This is a crucial step in both contract negotiations as well as in the management of sponsorship assets.

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Broadcast packaging and sales

Flash has extensive experience in negotiating broadcast deals for rightsholders, and constructing broadcast packages with both traditional and OTT providers.


Client hospitality programmes

Flash conceptualise and host bespoke brand experiences both locally and internationally

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